More Than Just a Pretty Face

It's not the ad, it's the technology behind it.

iPromote has exceptional ad creation technology. I'd stack it up against any other solution available in the market. Our automated approach sources an advertisers content from its website, Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, to assemble a fully editable IAB compliant complete media kit in less than a minute. Unlike some of our competitors however, we don't just build ads then outsource the critical ad buying and delivery to other vendors. iPromote executes. Ad creation at iPromote was offered as a solution to enable the real job at hand; execution of the campaign.

iPromote's core value is found in its proprietary bidding and ad delivery technology. We believed from the start that to truly differentiate and offer a better product, we must own our technology; otherwise we are no better than the other guy trying to win business simply on our ability to build a pretty set of ads. From ad creation through to bidding, serving, analytics, and reporting, iPromote offers a complete turn-key solution to partners designed to maximize results for every one of their SMB clients.